Measles Outbreak Rises To 39 Confirmed Cases

Phillip Cunningham
February 2, 2019

Though being unvaccinated obviously left the sick individuals vulnerable to the disease, but those cases have not been connected to the Washington state outbreak and it is unclear how they contracted it.

According to the Washington Department of Health, vaccination rates in Pullman schools hover around 90 percent. Two doses of the measles vaccine are 97 percent effective against infection, and in 2000, officials announced the disease had been eliminated from the U.S. Measles infections have been on the rise in recent years because of anti-vaccine sentiment and debunked claims the inoculations have a connection to autism.

The post was quickly screenshotted and spread on Twitter, where people had a myriad of strong-worded responses to the mom.

None of the infected people were vaccinated and they are no longer contagious. All but one case is centered in Clark County, which has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the state, with about one in four children not receiving their vaccinations.

The National Vaccine Information Center, which opposes mandatory vaccination laws, said it opposed that bill and the current one. People are contagious long before they show symptoms and nearly everyone who is not immune through vaccinations will get measles if they are exposed to the virus.

The best protection against measles is the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps, and rubella viruses. "I'm just so scared", she said. Parents who don't want to immunize their children can homeschool or enrol their children in independent study at the local public school. But measles is still a big problem in other parts of the world, and travelers infected overseas can bring the virus back and spread it, causing periodic outbreaks.

Last year, there were 17 outbreaks and about 350 cases of measles in the US.

So, how is it that a disease that's been declared eradicated in the u.S.

Measles symptoms include high fever, cough, red and watery eyes, and a rash that usually appears around three days after symptoms first manifest.

Nine out of 10 unvaccinated people who are exposed will get the disease.

Patients are contagious four days before and four days after getting the rash.

Nearly everyone who is not immune will get measles if they are exposed to the measles virus.

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