Pelosi Will Be Begging For A Wall After More Caravans

Saul Bowman
February 1, 2019

If they don´t agree to provide wall funding before a February 15 deadline, Trump says he´ll impose another shutdown or bypass Congress by seeking emergency funds.

In a set of morning tweets, Trump insisted his long-promised border wall would come to fruition one way or another, blaming "political games" for delaying the inevitable. "If there's no wall, it doesn't work".

On Thursday, Democrats offered further details on their border security plan, which does not include money for a wall.

Rather, Democrats approved a bill providing funds for more border patrol agents, drones, sensors and other equipment and measures. It would also freeze the number of border patrol agents and block any wall construction in wildlife refuges along the border.

She suggested there might be money available for a so-called "Normandy" fence along the southern border, which would stop vehicles but not people on foot.

"If the president wants to call that a wall, he can call it a wall", she concluded. "So again it's a place where enhanced fencing, Normandy fencing would work", she said.

Trump on Thursday tamped down expectations, telling GOP negotiators they were "wasting their time".

Since then, he has said it would not run the full length of the border, could be made of other materials such as steel slats - and that the wall could be called "peaches" if that was a way to get around the semantics of a "wall". I've got you covered. "I don't expect much coming out of this committee".

Republicans angling for compromise have shifted from using the word "wall" in favor of the word "barrier".

Nancy Pelosi has sent a new letter to the President, this time through less "official" channels, letting him know that he won't be ushered into the House Chamber by the Master Chief of the Constitutional Watch like every other President for almost 250 years.

The shutdown affected more than 800,000 federal workers in nine different departments, as well as several federal agencies. However, this would probably not end the wall debate. We could be, if people aren't doing some serious negotiating.

The online campaign has received nearly 350,000 donations even as wall opponents deride the effort, and after the longest government shutdown in US history ended with Congress refusing Trump's demand for billions in wall funding. Trump's GOP allies acknowledge he might have settled for just a fraction of it. Instead, they proposed giving Customs and Border Protection $98 million more than the agency received a year ago, enough to hire about 1,000 more Border Patrol agents, as well as giving $77 million more than the $353 million that Trump requested for buying and deploying security technology.

Senators revisited a bipartisan $US1.6 billion proposal for 100kms of fencing in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that passed a key committee past year.

"Many places on the border there are cliffs, there's a river, and there are 600 miles of something".

The president also took to Twitter, to announce that more USA troops are being sent to the country's southern border. But they also predict privately that the White House is eager to grab an agreement and declare victory - even if winning only a fraction of Trump's request.

Trump received another extensive briefing on Wednesday on border security, officials said, though he hasn't played a direct role in the talks playing out on Capitol Hill. "And everybody has voted for all three", said Sen. "To get to an agreement we've got to have all three in there". Democrats won back the House in a midterm rout and prevailed over Mr Trump in the shutdown battle.

"Smart border security is not overly reliant on physical barriers", said Lowey as the session began Wednesday. Trump retaliated by postponing an overseas junket Pelosi had planned, citing the same excuse, and vowed to find another venue in which to deliver the speech.

The comments at once served notice that Democrats weren't ruling out financing physical structures, but would do so only on a limited basis.

It was a return to the barbed back-and-forth that colored the month-long standoff that ended last week when Trump agreed to reopen the government without securing the border money wall.

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