How can it be so cold if there's global warming?

Muriel Hammond
January 30, 2019

US President Donald Trump on Monday (January 28) evening made yet another tweet mocking the phenomenon of global warming and was roasted in turn by the social media users.

"You're kidding, right?! You do know Global Warming is causing climate change which means MORE deeper colder winters for the Midwest sad #badforfarmers #ActOnClimate #ClimateChangeIsReal", another reply read.

This week, a split polar vortex is expected to drop temperatures in the Midwest near negative 30 degrees, with the wind chill looking to be the lowest it's been in two decades: as low as negative 60 degrees. It may hit -20°F in the midwest this week, but over the long term, the average temperature is expected to rise, as is the frequency of days with extreme high temperatures. "People can't last outside even for minutes".

"What the hell is going on with Global Waming?"

Just think... when the next probably-global-warming-induced ice age does come, everyone's last words before freezing to death will be: "I told you so!"

The Democrat responded by saying: "Only a moron would not understand global warming causes huge temperature swings".

Forecasters have said that the most unsafe weather is yet to come, warning of frigidly low temperatures that the region hasn't seen in a quarter century.

She tweeted: "Global warming is a warming World".

Donald Trump's recent tweet adds to the freaky things he has already said about global warming.

Here's how NASA explains it: Weather is the condition in the atmosphere are over a short period of time.

Although the Republican president's tweet was liked 51k times, it also left his critics irked and they slammed him for not knowing the difference between climate and weather.

"In a warming world, you're still going to have unusually hot and unusually cold events happening in a particular part of the world", said Berkeley Earth climate scientist Zeke Hausfather.

"Winter storms don't prove that global warming isn't happening", the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wrote on it's primary Twitter account on Tuesday morning. That's why the hottest 5 years on record for our planet have all occurred since 2014.

It's not the first time the president has gotten major climate change facts wrong.

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