Roger Stone: Trump ally, political strategist and Nixon fan

Oscar Cross
January 26, 2019

A federal grand jury convened by Mueller indicted Stone on seven counts relating to communications with WikiLeaks, the Russia-connected outfit behind the 2016 hack on Democratic National Committee servers. "Did the president direct someone to contact Roger Stone?". The 24-page indictment accuses Stone of obstructing investigations by congressional intelligence committees and the FBI, making false statements and tampering with a witness. Stone is prohibited from travelling outside of south Florida, Washington, D.C., and New York City, and from having any contact with any witnesses.

"There is no circumstance, whatsoever, under which I will bear false witness against the president", Stone said, adding, "I will not testify against the president".

Stone said, "I have always said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about". Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow said the indictment "does not allege Russian collusion by Roger Stone or anyone else". In his own telling, he was at the center of an unruly demonstration during the 2000 presidential recount in Florida that pressured officials to halt the tally and helped give the White House to Republican George W. Bush. "This is something that has to do exclusively with that individual, and not something that affects us here in (the White House)".

The world woke up on Friday to the news that President Donald Trump's longtime confidant and advisor, Roger Stone, had been arrested in connection to Special Counsel Robert Muller's Russian Federation investigation.

After the July 22 release, the campaign reached out to Stone to determine if he had information about future WikiLeaks releases, the indictment alleges.

Stone directly rebutted that claim Friday. That alleged lie, which he also told to Congress, forms the basis for some of his other criminal charges in Friday's indictment.

"Stone also engaged in frequent written communication by email and text message with Person 1, who also provided Stone with information regarding Organization 1", the document read, referring to Wikileaks as Organization 1.

Promptingspeculationthat they were tipped off by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, aCNNcamera crew was waiting at Stone's home in the early hours of Friday morning to film his arrest.

The day Stone swore he had not texted or emailed with Person 2, the two men exchanged 30 texts.


The indictment does not name either the associate or the high-ranking campaign official.

But as details of the indictment made clear on Friday, Stone was regularly in touch with Trump campaign officials through the election and into the transition.

The press secretary said she hopes the same standards applied against Stone will also be applied to others who have been accused of lying under oath to Congress, and named off James Comey, James Clapper and Hillary Clinton.

On Friday, Mr Podesta referenced the cryptic tweet in a post about Mr Stone's indictment, noting it was "Roger's time in the barrel". Stone left the campaign just a few months later - he said he quit, Trump said he was sacked - but stayed close, frequently holding late-night phone calls with the candidate to discuss strategy and messaging.

We've known for a while that Stone communicated with a Wikileaks "intermediary" during the 2016 campaign, radio host Randy Credico, who tipped off Stone ahead of time about what he then said were key features of upcoming Wikileaks releases.

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