Trump makes a DACA offer Democrats can and should refuse

Saul Bowman
January 21, 2019

President Trump late Saturday afternoon proposed limited legal protections for undocumented immigrants in exchange for money to build his proposed border wall.

"I'm here today to break the logjam and provide Congress with a path forward", Trump said in an unusual Saturday appearance from the White House.

President Donald Trump said on Sunday his proposed immigration deal to end a 30-day partial government shutdown would not lead to amnesty for "Dreamers", but appeared to signal support for amnesty as part of a broader immigration agreement.

In a statement after Trump's speech, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell called the plan a "bold solution to reopen the government, secure the border, and take bipartisan steps toward addressing current immigration issues".

The proposal also did not strike a chord with prominent conservative commentator Ann Coulter, a fervent border wall advocate, one of those left-wing media is blaming for taunting Trump into a government shutdown in the first place.

That may offer Republicans and Democrats some hope, actually, as many on Capitol Hill believe the only way out of this shutdown is for Trump to declare a national emergency and try to redirect funds to a wall, have that move tied up in court, and then allow both parties to pass funding without giving in to the other side. Trump's proposal also includes a three-year extension of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that now lets people from certain countries stay in the United States if they left their homes to escape wars, disasters, or "other extraordinary and temporary conditions".

The President noted that he had adopted some Democratic proposals on border security. "Let's find a way to be able to get the government open because there are elements in this that are clearly elements that have been supported by Democrats strongly in the past". He accused her, without evidence, of having "behaved so irrationally" and moving "so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat". Pelosi, basing her statement on "initial reports" about Trump's plan, said it represents "a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable".

He said that while there would be "no big push" to remove the 11 million people in the country illegally, he warned: "'but be careful, Nancy!"

Trump, now halfway through his four-year White House term, offered his plan to end the longest government closure in American history in a speech Saturday.

In a deep dive into the relationship between House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Politico reveals that the two have formed a pact that any dealings with President Donald Trump will be conducted jointly as a show of power.

In return, Trump demanded the $5.7 billion he says is needed to extend fences on the border with Mexico, something the opposition Democrats have repeatedly refused to authorize. She is so petrified of the "lefties" in her party that she has lost control. Many, including Pence, have defined the word "amnesty" as permanent status or a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally. "If we had a wall, we wouldn't have a problem".

DACA refers to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which offered a no-deportation guarantee to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants whose parents brought them into the minors.

Some of the 800,000 federal employees who have been going unpaid since 22 December are in increasingly dire straits as the shutdown enters its fifth week.

By offering more carrots and fewer sticks, President Trump might be sensing that he is in a losing game over the shutdown crisis.

And for all those who are deeply concerned about the legitimate asylum seekers trying to eke out a better life in America, his program would provide 75 additional immigration judges to specifically lessen the wait times and backlog of asylum seekers.

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