Why this year's flu is hitting kids hard

Phillip Cunningham
January 14, 2019

This year, the CDC will track the flu during the course of the season, which began in October. Photocopier buttons are rarely wiped down and usually a hotbed mashup of several types of germs that can make you ill.

Pregnant women who get a flu shot protect not only themselves, but also their developing baby, health officials report. Designing the correct immunization against flu means guessing which strain or strains will be the big ones, and then making an effective deterrent.

Indiana has now recorded its fourth influenza-related death of the 2018-19 season, according to the Indiana State Department of Health's weekly influenza report.

"Severe flu outcomes are a somber reminder of how serious flu can be, even for otherwise healthy people".

In Illinois, the most recent data (which also goes through January 5) shows 163 people have been hospitalized for influenza this season, and one child has died, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Data presented in FluView allow CDC to track flu activity, but do not provide exact case counts, with the exception of flu-associated pediatric deaths and human infections with novel influenza A viruses, which are nationally notifiable.

Flu season numbers generally peak between December and February.

It's prime-time flu season and despite some recent upticks in the number of flu cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number of flu cases in Florida is down compared to this time previous year.

Until then, Americans will continue to have to keep getting vaccinated every year, which is still better than getting no flu shot at all.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said the entire country is experiencing a much milder flu season this year so far.

Especially in homes with young children, Murti recommends the flu vaccine for everyone in the household, including siblings, parents and grandparents. "The flu season is here now, and over the next three months it's going to be a very busy season". If you haven't gotten a flu shot, it's not too late. Specifically, influenza-like illnesses (ILI) this week peaked at 3.5 percent, whereas last year's ILI peaked at 7.5 percent.

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