Trump urges Senate Republicans to 'just hang together' on border battle

Oscar Cross
January 10, 2019

"It's cold out here, and the temperature wasn't much warmer in the Situation Room".

In her rebuttal to Trump's address, Pelosi said that "we all agree that we need to secure our borders".

"I prefer that we get this resolved the old-fashioned way, " Thune said.

Schumer said, "The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a thirty-foot wall".

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met with Senate Republicans during their weekly luncheon after a handful of them said publicly that the president should compromise with congressional Democrats rather than hold firm to his demand for $5.7 billion for his proposed U.S. -Mexico border barrier.

Schumer said the shutdown "ought to end now" and warned that federal workers could miss a paycheck without a speedy resolution to the impasse.

"The president seems to be insensitive to that", Pelosi said.

Before his televised address, Trump confessed in private to a group of news personalities that his upcoming speech and planned trip to the Southern border would be pointless.

Trump sought to put the blame on Democrats for the standoff, saying they "will not fund border security". "There was no discussion about anything but solidarity", Trump contended. Trump has promised to keep it partially closed until Congress approves almost $6 billion in funding for a wall along the southern border.

"I think we ought to solve this shutdown". White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Twitter that he will use the visit to "meet with those on the front lines of the national security and humanitarian crisis". But he did not mention that Tuesday night.

"First of all, the president gave an outstanding speech".

"Last night, the president spouted more malice and misinformation appealing to fear instead of facts", Pelosi said. What the hell have they done about the border?

A handful of GOP senators have broken with their party and voiced concern about the shutdown.

"I didn't hear the president say anything that would change my mind. I think that money could go towards education or towards veterans". For weeks he has dug in on a signature campaign promise to his base voters, the pledge to build an impregnable "beautiful" wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

"Steel fencing was fine, even salutary, when President Obama was in the White House", McConnell complained. Tonight, President Trump is speaking directly to the American people. Problems can only be fixed when they are identified, but US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's latest release of reports on deaths in 2018 provide significantly less information than prior death investigation reports. "And we are certainly not willing to reward a presidential temper tantrum that has shut down the government for 19 days".

"Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer struggle across the country to relate to Americans and that's a little bit concerning to me as a Democrat", Feldman asserted. Let's talk strictly about border security in the long run, not just a short-term fix.

There were other signs that administration was working to control the damage from the shutdown, which has furloughed 380,000 federal workers and forced another 420,000 to work without pay.

In another tweet, he reiterated the call to "fix" the southern border.

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