Taliban term Trump’s decision to pull out troops a ‘positive step’

Saul Bowman
December 25, 2018

The already worsening security situation in Afghanistan is likely to be exacerbated by a US troop reduction, according to analysts.

"Because you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects", Mattis wrote. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said on Thursday to ABC News, "I'm concerned about that, but after having been to Afghanistan, it will pave the way for another 9/11".

"This signals to the Taliban that the U.S.is serious about negotiating an exit", says Smith, adding that it would erode the militant's skepticism that Washington is open to withdrawing from Afghanistan.

"If they withdraw from Afghanistan it will not have a security impact because in the last four and a half years Afghan forces have been in full control", Chakhansuri said.

The expected United States move comes days after Taliban had reiterated its demand of withdrawal of the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops from the Afghan soil in talks with Washington in the UAE.

Perhaps, but the decision was reportedly made over the objections of Pentagon officials and came as a surprise to Congress and, it seems likely, to some members of the administration. Sen.

Trump had originally campaigned on the promise to end nation-building missions such as efforts to train Afghan troops, and shortly after taking office in 2017 he made clear he had a desire to pull troops from the region. His decision was made public a mere few hours after he abruptly announced the US was withdrawing troops from Syria.

"I think it shows how serious the president is about wanting to come out of conflicts", one official told The Wall Street Journal.

"He was very influential and personally involved in doing that", Campbell said.

"Earlier this month, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers expressed steadfast commitment to ensuring long-term security and stability in Afghanistan", Lungescu said. There are two reasons why Trump's impulsive decision to withdraw from Afghanistan points towards a United States foreign policy in shambles.

Trump has said his instinct is to quit Afghanistan as a lost cause, but more recently he's suggested a willingness to stay in search of peace with the Taliban.

Regarding the recent meeting of US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad with Pakistani leadership, Shahzad Chaudhry agreed to the notion that Pakistan was taken onboard prior to the US' decision.

"A USA military drawdown without a well thought out strategy behind it and without concerted efforts with internal and regional stakeholders could further exacerbate the conflict in the country and intensify competition among regional stakeholders", Mir says, referring to countries that have been accused of providing support to the Taliban, including Pakistan, Iran, and Russian Federation.

A spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani said "if there is any reaction by the Afghan government, we will share it later".

The retired Marine general issued a pointed letter of resignation that discussed his differences with Trump over several issues, including what Mattis sees as the importance of strong worldwide alliances.

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