Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: Beginner's Tips, How To Unlock Characters, And More

Kelley Robertson
December 10, 2018

Simon is one of the newest characters added to Super Smash Bros.

Representing the first Atlus (and third Sega) fighter in the series, Joker was announced in a stylish animated trailer straight out of P5, with the red-tinged background and his fellow Phantom Thieves chiming in as the gang "hacked" The Game Awards to deliver the announcement. There, you can decide which two stages you want to use before jumping into the match.

In order to obtain Simon, you'll have to play Classic Mode a minimum of four times.

Featuring seven characters in the S Tier, TSM Leffen now has the veteran Super Smash Bros. character of Falco as his top fighter. Ultimate, meaning you can only obtain Simon after unlocking King K Rool and Ice Climbers.

Of course, you might be wondering as you're working to master the basics: "How do I unlock more characters?". This year, aside from December's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will temporarily disable their ability to appear. The menu option will disappear if you lose again or have no past challengers to rematch.

While players haven't yet figured out all of the methods to unlock the characters, there are a few tricks to help you unlock multiple fighters in a matter of minutes.

When playing the World of Light adventure mode, you regularly encounter new unlockable characters, too. To reach this fighter, you have to bring down all the barriers by hitting the three different colored switches.

"Repeating this trick will get you a new challenger after just about every Smash match, so long as you're changing the language after each game".

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