Fortnite to enter Minecraft territory with new Creative mode

Kelley Robertson
December 6, 2018

It's a brand new way to experience the world of Fortnite, available on December 6. On the Epic Games Store, 88% of revenue will remain in the hands of developers, whereas on Steam traditionally only 70% of revenue went to game studios while Valve kept the other 30%.

All Fortnite players will be able to access Creative from December 13, but Season 7 Battle Pass owners will get to give it a spin early on December 6 when the latest Season goes live.

"Users have generally migrated to Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Facebook groups, and other social media", said Sweeney, further stating that, "Developers are free to run their own forums and social media and link to them from their Epic Games Store pages". There's a lobby too. Multiple island maps to build on, a sack of building blocks, options to set up custom game modes and all the spawn points, weapon placements and vehicles you need to spice up a game. It seems Epic will offer some new base maps, plus give players the ability to build their own.

Epic Games is historically known for its Unreal Engine and more recently for a teeny-weeny game you may know called Fortnite.

We're just a day away from the launch of Fortnite season seven and players have plenty to look forward to. "If obtained or purchased, the Fortnite player's avatar can perform the dance during Fortnite gameplay". Epic Games has had a tough stance on Google especially when it comes to the fees involved in the Google Play Store. You'll also be able to reach your players through email, if they choose to share it.

The company has confirmed that while titles utilising any type of game engine will be welcome on the Epic Games Store, those that are powered by the Unreal Engine will see the licence charge waived.

Lachlan's video which detailed the entire mode has since been pulled, but not before the entire internet grabbed screenshots and video mirrors (thanks, FortniteIntel).

Among players of the popular video game, one of the favorite features is the "emote", a quick dance that can be triggered to make the player's character celebrate a particularly thrilling kill or victory.

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