Five Things We Learned From The New Captain Marvel Trailer

Oscar Cross
December 5, 2018

Now the second trailer is here, and the worlds of Carol Danvers have exploded onto the scene in ways that are sure to make your own head explode.

Enough of that. Check out the clip below and keep reading to see some of the best reactions to the Captain Marvel trailer.

Newer reveals in the trailer include Annette Bening as the Kree who saved Danvers, a US air force pilot, and invested her with the alien powers that turn her into Captain Marvel. Danvers, now a part-Kree, part-human superhero, eventually takes on Mar-Vell's mantle and becomes Captain Marvel, a leader, powerhouse, and fighter.

The trailer ends with a number of shots showcasing the true power that Captain Marvel can harness and unleash upon her enemies.

The movie, which also stars Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn and Clark Gregg, opens March 8. How good did that space fight look with Captain Marvel flying around shooting space ships?

"Your life began the day it almost ended", she says.

Then, an intriguing sequence: an unidentified character asks in voiceover, "Would you like to know what you really are?" "Set in the 1990s, "Captain Marvel" is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe".

The line, uttered by Annette Benning in the trailer, is a direct callback to the 2014 Captain Marvel story by Kellysue DeConnick and artist David Lopez known as Higher, Further, Faster, More.

"You have this Kree part of her that's unemotional, that is an wonderful fighter and competitive", Larson told Entertainment Weekly. Viewers then witness another scene, where Captain Marvel is explaining her race of "noble warrior heroes" on a auto ride. I wonder what happened to her to place her with the Kree in the first place or give her powers? In this footage, Carol teams up with Nick Fury and find out more information about her past.

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