White House defends decision to revoke access of CNN's Jim Acosta

Oscar Cross
November 10, 2018

Before hopping on a plane to Paris on Friday, President Trump insulted some more reporters, threatened that others may have their White House credentials pulled like CNN's Jim Acosta and disputed reports that his press secretary spread a doctored video of Acosta's encounter with a White House intern.

Trump added: "I don't think he's a smart person, but he's got a loud voice".

That's a good description of Wednesday's testy encounter between CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump, which started with Acosta challenging the president's claim that the refugee migrant march toward the U.S. border amounted to a risky "invasion".

The comments came after Trump had heated exchanges with both Ryan and CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Wednesday.

At the earlier news conference Mr Trump, when asked by Mr Acosta if he had "demonised immigrants" during the midterms campaign, replied: "No, I want them to come into the country". Acosta was trying to ask the president a question when Trump moved on to the next journalist and an intern tried to take away the microphone from Acosta, who continued talking. Trump had several antagonistic interactions with reporters, including CNN's April Ryan, who he told to sit down after refusing to answer her questions.

The video they are referring to showed a White House aide trying to take away a microphone from CNN reporter Jim Acosta before he put his hand down on her's as she was trying to grab it.

CNN Vice President of Communications and Digital Partnership Matt Dornic said it was "absolutely shameful" that Sanders had released a "doctored" video.

"The fact that the White House Press Secretary is promoting this doctored video is reprehensible and grounds for dismissal - or, as they call it in the Trump administration, Thursday", Colbert said on The Late Show.

Shapiro says that when Acosta's hand touches the intern's arm as she reaches for his microphone, the action speeds up in the apparently altered video to accentuate his movement. The White House Correspondents' Association and other journalism groups have backed him up, not to mention CNN.

"The most powerful man in the free world is verbally abusing journalists", she said.

In response, Sanders said the White House ban on Acosta's credentials would stand.

Ryan isn't the only black female journalist Trump has derided this week.

CNN said Trump's attacks on the press have gone too far. This is a very special place. You and I have a difference of opinion. But many on social media pointed out that Trump has a history of questioning black people's intelligence.

Even as Acosta is muttering these words, Trump begins to mock him: "Oh here we go. You have got to treat the White House and the office of the presidency with respect".

A 20-year veteran of the White House beat, Ryan pointed out that each president before Trump "understood that reporters were part of the underpinnings of this nation".

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