Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android

Kelley Robertson
November 9, 2018

The session shows a bunch of fun stats and graphs that all compared a phone with a heavily white theme to one with a dark theme and how each impacted battery life. During this weeks Android Developer Summit, Google spoke to app developers about what they can do in order to yield the best battery life for the users device.

"But this isn't just about that".

At its annual I/O developer conference, Google showed a graph illustrating the relationship between screen brightness and power draw. "And not only that, but screen colour, too", Slash Gear reported late Thursday. That not only saves battery life, it means that the contrast is sharper when reading text on a black background with an AMOLED screen. Dark Mode helps power conservation in devices with OLED screens as the pixels are completely turned off unlike LCDs where power is required to display both white and dark shades. If you do have a phone with an OLED display, you should use it more often if you care about squeezing as much juice out of the battery as possible. Apple's iPhone UI, meanwhile, is also heavy on white, and there's no dedicated dark mode on iPhone either. You may have to manually enable Dark Mode on different applications.

New features for the Android App Bundle tool have been announced at today's Android Dev Summit.

Even Google admitted that it was wrong to impose white as the predominant color for Material Design apps.

Since my first Android phone, I wondered why I had to go to the app store to get an app that'd allow me to look at the files on my phone.

Files Go has been rebranded Files by Google, and the updated version of the app is starting to roll out now.

An EU ruling against Google could pave the way to improve Android phones for consumers, says the Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

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