Georgia's Brian Kemp Announces Election Hacking Charge Against Democrats

Saul Bowman
November 7, 2018

Finally, no matter what happens, expect a hard look in the state and around the country next year at whether a sitting secretary of state should oversee his or her own election to higher office in the future. If neither Abrams nor Kemp wins a majority of the vote on Tuesday, their battle continues to a December runoff election.

"They seem to be doing it backwards", Richard DeMillo, a Georgia Tech professor and one of the experts contacted by Georgia Democrats, told CNN on Monday. "The Democrats did nothing wrong".

The Republican Secretary of State of Georgia accused his midterm rivals of attempting to hack the state's voter registration system just two days before the crucial election.

"I think, unfortunately, Secretary Kemp has not only abused his power, he has failed to do his job", Abrams said in an interview with ABC on Monday.

Kemp's office said in a statement on Sunday it launched the investigation late on Saturday and that it had notified the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI.

It's unclear from that statement whether Kemp was using "We" to refer to his campaign or his state office.

There are seats and positions up for election all over the United States, but for VSU students, the race that everyone has their eyes on is the Georgia's gubernatorial race of a lifetime.

Former President Obama recently joined Abrams on the campaign trail, suggesting that Kemp has "already been caught" guilty of voter suppression.

Well, Secretary of State Kemp, we have been telling you that something has been going on over the past several months, and yet here we are, one day before the election with a scandal on our hands said to be caused by the opposing party.

The Secretary of State's Office said the system remains secure and voter information wasn't breached, but there was an attempt to penetrate the system. "Jobless claims in Georgia just fell to their lowest level in 45-years", Trump said. Thank you so much. "We have our inalienable right because the one place that all people are equal is at the polls", she told voters.

But Levin said an accusation of tampering with a voter registration system as unverified as Kemp's does a disservice to legitimate efforts to bolster election cybersecurity, which has been a top concern for many states' election officials since 2016, when agents of the Russian government attempted to penetrate the voter files in at least 21 states.

As NPR's Shannon Van Sant reported over the weekend, U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross side with civil rights groups who charge that the state's "exact match" law, which can be used to disallow voting for such things as missing hyphens, accent marks and middle initials, was overly restrictive.

Abrams, meanwhile, continued as she has throughout her campaign noting the potential historical significance but arguing the contest should be about more.

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