Heidi Klum wins Halloween with epic Princess Fiona costume

Phillip Cunningham
November 2, 2018

The organization cites safety concerns as a primary reason why Halloween should be held on a Saturday instead of a weekday evening. The day before the new year was considered a day when the boundary between the world of the living and the dead blurred, so October 31 was celebrated as Samhain, the day when ghosts returned to earth.

At last check there were already close to 45,000 signatures on the petition.

Check out the gallery above to get a closer look at the work, plus some of her best costumes from years past! As it turns out, 2018 is no different. "It's a very big deal in the neighborhood, both for the adults and the kids", said Kelly Bremer who lives in the neighborhood.

Next year, remember not to bother trying with your costume, because somewhere Heidi Klum will no doubt be putting your pitiful efforts to shame.

"I didn't even know that".

The push to move the holiday is coming from the USA -based Halloween and Costume Association, which says it would be safer for kids and easier on parents.

"I would vote for that if that was on a ballot", said Bremer. "I kind of always wanted to be Fiona, but I never had the Shrek to do it with".

"I think it'd be great if it was on a weekend".

The supermodel has been hosting star-studded and now legendary Halloween parties since 2000, and her costume reveal has become one of the highlights of the holiday for many.

According to the petition, 70 percent of parents don't go trick or treating with their kids.

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