Steve Madden is team Cardi B amid Nicki Minaj feud: '#StopLying'

Oscar Cross
October 31, 2018

Cardi B's feud with Nicki Minaj has gone too far.

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have finally buried the hatchet.

After Cardi revealed that she received the demo for the group's new single, "Woman Like Me", before Nicki and the group wanted her first - Little Mix clapped back with receipts.

"I don't believe there is peace between Cardi B and Nicki".

On her radio show, Minaj claimed that, contrary to reports, Cardi was actually attacked at the Fashion Week party by Minaj's friend Rah Ali, and not security. Yesterday, Cardi said that she turned down a Diesel deal, which eventually went to Nicki - basically insinuating that Minaj got her sloppy seconds.

But it all looks like the two divas are shielding their swords and looking for a better future ahead.

"Ok you guys, let's focus on positive things only from here on out", Minaj tweeted.

In her final video message, she offered the 35-year-old some advice, saying, "What you need to do is stop focusing on other people and focus on yourself and focus on your craft because you're out here f**king up your legacy, looking like a f**king hater", she said in her tenth video.

Cardi B fired back at Nicki Minaj's claims with a series of Instagram videos, in which she claimed that the "Queen" rapper was lying about her claims. "Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing".

Nicki now says she beat Cardi 'like really bad...

Also on Tuesday Maury Povich told TMZ he wants to offer to give a lie detector test to the ladies. "Cardi's just trying to be smart and have all of her bases covered", the source says.

But Cardi had her own take on the latest claims. "You won't. I must admit you're a convincing liar". "I'm exhausted of the f--ing whole internet shit".

"How [can] you say that I was the wild animal?" We can talk about it, or we can fight it out. "All these b***hes my minis, got him calling me Mickey / All that rah-rah never was the icon issue / Harper's Bazaar, I'm covering the icon issue / I got issues, yeah b***h, I got issues", she raps.

While Cardi is definitely taking precautions to make sure her family is safe, a separate source admits that she's so proud of herself for standing up to Nicki. The hardest punches you've ever heard in your life'. I shot this video of her walking out at 10:54.

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