Apple Officially Launches iPhone XR Starting at $749

Kelley Robertson
October 28, 2018

For, while at Rs 76,900, the iPhone XR was indeed the least expensive of the new range of iPhones (the iPhone XS and XS Max were the others), it still was very much on the premium side when it came to pricing - the Galaxy Note 9 started at a lower price.

Apple iPhone XR comes in three storage models like the iPhone XS series. In addition to price, the argument in favor of buying iPhone XR for many will be the battery capacity.

First, the iPhone XR's screen size is 6.1 inches, which unique in Apple's line-up. Customers with a rental plan of Rs. 499 and above can buy the new iPhone on & and avail a 48-hour home delivery in select cities post the sales start and 20 percent rental discount for 1 year.

The phone has a 6.1 inch LCD screen, larger than the OLED screen on the XS. Amazon bought the company years ago and it's a great service that provides one audio book a month for $14.95, or get two free audiobooks when you sign-up for a free trial using this link.

When you see an iPhone launch event, you see the Apple Store staff being roused and hyped up for what will be a massive day, and this is most evident for Apple's major iPhone launch each year. That isn't to conclude that the iPhone XR isn't good enough but almost all company makes a smaller end device that can be of budget friendly to their customers just in case they want something of that caliber and the truth is the lesser the price, the lesser the features to be counted.

At £749, it certainly isn't a bargain, but it's a damn sight more affordable than the £999 XS and £1,099 XS Max. The iPhone XR is cheaper, bigger and does nearly everything the iPhone XS does.

Overall, the Apple iPhone XR scores 6 out of 10, which makes it moderately easy to fix with certain skills. Up front, it has the same camera setup as the iPhone XS duo. The XR doesn't have the dual-lens camera, though it can offer some of the blurred-background effect with software. And a comparison test shows the iPhone XR has the best battery life of all 2018 iPhones, just as advertised, and that it does even better than Google's Pixel 3 XL phablet.

Apple, of course, uses pretty much the best LCD screens on the planet, and it makes the difference in screen tech pretty palatable overall.

Pricing sweet spot - Apple has always relied on last year's iPhone models to make up for the lower-cost models of the current year models, but that strategy changed this year. It will especially attract consumers who have been waiting to trade up from their iPhone 8 or an older iPhone.

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