US Senator releases DNA test backing Native American ancestry

Saul Bowman
October 15, 2018

The first-term Democratic senator's critics have accused Warren of advancing her career by claiming minority status as a descendant of Cherokee and DE tribes. And she wonders about the motives of those, like Trump, who "have questioned my heritage and my family history". More than half of all Native women have experienced sexual violence, and the majority of violent crimes against Native Americans are perpetrated by non-Natives.

The analysis on the Massachusetts Democrat was done by Stanford University professor Carlos D. Bustamante.

With the video release, Warren appears intent on putting to rest the president's main line of attack on her ahead of a potential presidential challenge. First, she gave the Boston Globe a bunch of files and info meant to exonerate her from the accusation that she used her supposed Native American ancestry to her advantage professionally. After years of this white woman being mocked for claiming to be Native American, she's finally released the results of a DNA test.

He concluded Warren's ancestry is mostly European but says "the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor". Trump, with glee, told the rally crowd he looked forward to making Warren "prove" her Native American heritage on the debate stage if the two were to square off.

Donald Trump has repeatedly argued that Elizabeth Warren is unfit for the presidency - because she owes her success to lies and unearned advantages.

"Her heritage had no bearing on her hiring", Jay Westbrook of the UT Austin School of Law says in the video.

"You better read it again", Trump said. Elizabeth Warren on Monday released a report on a DNA analysis that provides strong evidence she does, in fact, have Native American heritage.

According to the DNA analysis, if Warren's great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, she would be considered 1/32nd Native American.

Native American leaders have called Trump's mockery insensitive and an example of prejudice.

Warren, who was raised in Oklahoma but represents MA, was planning an elaborate rollout Monday of the results in order to dispel questions from Republican critics that have dogged her for years, the Globe said.

As Warren raises her national profile, Trump has returned more often to ridiculing her as "Pocahontas" in public speeches.

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