Senate panel probes Kavanaugh, accuser in public hearing

Oscar Cross
September 28, 2018

Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party more than three decades ago, took the polygraph test on August 7 in a conference room at a hotel near Baltimore/Washington International airport.

"I think that every woman who's ever known Brett Kavanaugh has vouched for him being a good guy, everybody that I know that's worked with him says he's a fine man".

In written testimony for Thursday's Senate hearing where both he and Ford will testify, Kavanaugh acknowledged drinking in high school with his friends, but said he's never done anything "remotely resembling" the sexual misconduct alleged by his chief accuser.

Some conservative scholars have suggested Blasey Ford's accusation was a case of mistaken identity, but Blasey Ford, 51, insisted she has a "100 percent" level of certainty that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her. Ford testified first and will be followed by Kavanaugh. And I just wanted to let you know, I'm very sorry. Hirono also said Kavanaugh had been "credibly accused" but then lashed out at Republicans for "prejudging" Ford in advance of hearing her testimony.

"I am no one's pawn". Both boys were inebriated, she said. "I hope the American people can see through this sham", Graham said to the Democrats on the committee.

She also recounted how the alleged attack altered her life, describing anxiety and claustrophobia that prompted her to demand adding a second front door when her home was remodeled. The uproarious laughter between the two.

"The uproarious laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense".

When asked if, during the Starr investigation, he dated a woman who "would fairly fit the description in the letter", Kavanaugh asked, "What's the description?" Kavanaugh denied being in Newport or on a boat or on a boat with Mark Judge. But it's clear already that Republicans are paying a steep price for the starring role being played by committee chairman Chuck Grassley, who is acting as the ideal illustration of GOP Old White Male fecklessness in the presence of an alleged sexual-assault victim.

The high ground Grassley has given Democrats by his behavior at the hearing has been lifted even more by his disastrous decision to delegate Republican questioning to professional prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

"We have a very supportive community". As the preliminary comparisons to Professor Hill's testimony emerged, many commented on how Dr Ford's nervous vulnerability contrasted with Hill's self-possession, poise, and palpable irritation at the condescending and contemptuous treatment that she received from members of the Judiciary Committee. Cory Booker, D-N.J., that her husband and children "are doing fairly well", even as she has faced personal backlash.

"But you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy", he continued.

Later in the day, he left open the possibility of delaying a Friday committee vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation, saying whether to subpoena Judge depends on "how important" Judge is to Ford's testimony.

"A calculated and orchestrated political hit". "And no, I've never done anything like that".

The committee could vote on Mr Kavanaugh's confirmation on Friday, with a final Senate vote early next week.

"We should pray for the woman". She repeatedly apologized for not being able top provide pieces of information to the committee - information that often could have been provided by Mark Judge, or any of the other witnesses that Republicans refuse to allow to testify.

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