Google now builds its own AMP stories for search

Kelley Robertson
September 27, 2018

Rather than wait for your queries, Google's latest tool aims to answer your questions before you even ask, as the company introduces a raft of new features to mark 20 years of Search.

The search engine is about to get more personalized thanks to the new "Discover" feed, which will show users curated content like news, sport highlights and YouTube videos based on user interests and search history when they sign in on the app or desktop site.

With the addition of Lens, you can fire up image search by taking a picture of an object and Google will come up with all relevant details. Discover also offers more context and control to Google users and users can now tap on the control icon to indicate that you want more or less content on a particular topic. AMP Stories, which will focus on celebrities and athletes, let publishers show their content through a mix of video, text, and images in the search results. It is basically Google's way of displaying news feed, just like Twitter's "Discover" category. It also takes you through some of the more popular searches throughout the past 20 years.

Users will also be able to customize it up to some extent.

The biggest change to Google Images announced today is the coming addition of Lens for AI-powered exploration of images that appear in search queries.

Google will now show up a Facebook-like newsfeed of custom oriented videos and articles on its homepage across all mobile browsers.

Featured Videos will show animated previews of relevant results within the feed. Google says Discover won't only be for new content either.

There have been concerns that parent company Alphabet is more interested in making money from people's data than in safeguarding their privacy.

"With this new name comes a fresh design that makes exploring your interests easier than ever", Karen Corby, Group Product Manager, Search, Google wrote in a blog-post on Monday. It's similar to Pinterest's Collections, which enables you to save your own searches on related topics.

Search collections: Everyone has different methods of saving search results related to a topic, from Trello boards to emails. Google is appealing. In the USA, politicians have turned it into a punching bag. Going forward, Search will rely more heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the overall goal of enhancing the search experience for users.

"But, you have our commitment that we will make it better every day".

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