New Amazon Echo Alexa Devices Make Smart Houses Smart Homes

Kelley Robertson
September 23, 2018

Amazon's voice assistant, which started as the centerpiece to the company's Echo smart speaker line, is expanding into the kitchen and vehicle. If you buy this with two compatible speakers, you can save up to 25 percent. The Amp starts at $300 - and will only ship in 2019.

Additionally, a new "Amazon Smart Plug" adds voice controls and scheduled on/off functionality to electrical sockets. But it's also a speaker, and given its popularity, Echo should be at least a competent way of listening to music out loud. According to the product description, it will allow users to control any electrical socket with their voice. Pretty much everything you can do with Alexa elsewhere. It will have a slightly modified exterior, featuring an updated fabric design.

Echo Show. The second-generation Echo Show is a bit more attractive than its angular predecessor.

The Echo Input, and Echo Link will be available later this year, while Echo Link Amp should be available in early 2019. The new Amazon Echo Show features a redesigned look and 10-inch High Definition display.

The Echo devices come with Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5 headphone jack, so you can connect them to your home theatre or other speakers lying in your house as an extended speaker.

One thing that Echo speakers lack is the bass.

The Echo Sub is a sub-woofer that can pair with any Echo speaker.

A lamp plugged into Amazon's Smart Plug. Pretty similar to Echo Plus, it can serve as the hub to a smart home. With this integration, we're expanding the global network contacts that Alexa customers can reach to the hundreds of millions of people using Skype around the world. The Echo Dot will continue to cost $50. Also, Echo Plus is the same old Echo Plus devices launched in past years, but with a fabric covering. In India, the Echo Show will be available only next year.

Speaking about the launch of the new Amazon products, Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President, Amazon Devices International, said: "We want you to have access to Alexa everywhere-in your kitchen, in your living room, in your office, and more".

So, when your Guard is on, Alexa send you Smart Alerts with audio clips when specific sounds are detected, including breaking glass or smoke or carbon monoxide alarms.

This is an analog clock that includes LED lights around the rim, so you can visually see Alexa-based timers that you set on other Echo devices. Tell Alexa what you're cooking, and she'll know how long to cook it for, and you can add extra time, or stop the process, with voice commands.

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