Get Your Retro Fix With Sony's PlayStation Classic Mini Console

Kelley Robertson
September 20, 2018

They followed it up with a mini SNEs, but we've also seen a mini Mega drives, tiny Neo Geos and now, a PlayStation classic.

Sony has doubled down on the nostalgia by stripping the controllers of analogue sticks, too, going for a pre-Dualshock controller design, which means no Ape Escape, but who knows, we can dream. Sony also wants to play so the company is introducing PlayStation Classic with 20 pre-installed games. On that note, Sony says you won't be able to add more games into the console, much like the NES Classic. Sony announced the news in a blog post early this morning, just a few weeks shy of the revolutionary console's 23rd anniversary. PlayStation Classic will be available*1 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 9,980 yen in Japan, $ 99 Dollars in North America and € 99 in Europe. Nintendo's mini-consoles preloaded with classic games flew off shelves, and fetched a very high resale price on eBay and Amazon.

Owners and admirers of the original console will immediately recognise the PlayStation Classic, though it is 45 per cent smaller than the original (as compared in the image above).

Each PlayStation Classic unit comes with an HDMI cable to help gamers easily connect the console with their HDTV.

"This PlayStation Classic announcement is super out of left field".

It looks like a smaller version of the original PlayStation, released in 1994, but ditches the disc drive in favour for a storage system containing the games.

Included in the box are two PS1 controllers for multiplayer gaming. It comes with wired controllers and connections for modern TVs. Something that's not featured is an AC adaptor, which will be sold separately for weird reasons that can not be explained beyond being a misguided cost-cutting measure. I cant wait to play the full version game of jumping jack flash.

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