Trump Says Jeff Sessions' Job Is Safe, Until November Anyway

Saul Bowman
September 2, 2018

"Remember, the recusal of Sessions did not lead to the special counsel".

"The president believes Sessions, who recused himself from the Russian Federation probe because of his involvement in the 2016 campaign, has failed to rein in a probe that Trump claims is driven by politics". The Department of Justice needs a voice- that people in the White House will listen to, and the president needs a Cabinet he's confident in. Trump said about Clinton at the IN rally, prompting the crowd IN the 11,000-seat Ford Center to briefly chant "lock her up".

Trump is also dismissive of Sessions' personality, temperament and diminutive stature.

"I view it as an illegal investigation, ' he said". The question is whether Trump will remove Sessions if he doesn't take that advice.

It wouldn't matter how innocent President Trump is of colluding.

And if Trump uses the way Sessions talks as the pretext to fire him and replace him with someone who will order his prosecutors, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to obey Trump's every whim, then the attorney general's accent will be the least of America's problems. In reality, almost Democrats would also like to see Sessions gone because of his role in helping achieve Trump's shocking win in 2016.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to bring the bill protecting Mueller to the floor. The top Republican senator can not prevent Trump from firing Sessions, but speaks for the conference. The Attorney General is now expected to leave his post after the midterms.

Regent University Professor Sam S. Gaston, is Practitioner-in-Residence/Online in the Master of Public Administration Program said, "I think it would be very foolish of President Trump to fire Jeff Sessions". "He's wanted to be attorney general for many, many years". Republicans have also been circulating a long list of executive-branch scandals that their Democratic colleagues have been begging to investigate, according to Axios.

"Sen. Grassley has made clear that former Sen". We called him "the wrong man for the job" because of his retrograde opinions on civil rights, sentencing, immigration and other issues. They have publicly shown a unified front in support of Sessions.

More recently, Republican lawmakers have even been signaling to Trump that they'd be cool with another Saturday Night Massacre. Criminal justice reform may seem minor in the grand scheme of things happening in Washington right now, but it's is not, at all, to senators like Graham and Grassley.

McConnell was unequivocal in his weekly news conference when he said Sessions should stay in his role - and he had an audience of one, aides say: Trump.

Republicans on Capitol Hill have been anxious the President would complicate Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court and place further controversy around the White House ahead of the midterm elections.

He'd be severely hurt politically - as would the Republican Party in the midterm elections this fall.

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