South Africa: Withdrawal of "a" Land Expropriation Bill

Saul Bowman
September 2, 2018

The proposed land reform has pitted radical groups among black South Africans ready to take land by force against white farmers who are ready to protect their property.

Twenty-four years on and the white community that makes up eight percent of the population "possess 72 percent of farms" compared to "only four percent" in the hands of black people who make up four-fifths of the population, according to Ramaphosa.

Although South Africa has grappled with many challenges over the past decade, including state graft, unemployment of more than 27 percent and economic stagnation, it still prides itself as Africa's powerhouse, scoffing at suggestions it could go the way of its neighbour Zimbabwe, where erratic land reforms left the economy in ruins.

Much of the farmland in South Africa is still owned by the country's white minority.

Key officials of the South African government can't seem to quite agree whether US President Donald Trump's threat to investigate land expropriation without compensation could harm this country.

"However, as the need for a non-combatant labour force grew increasingly urgent, British pressure on the South Africans also grew".

Minister Davies and his team at the Department of Trade and Industry stand ready to assist investors where clarity is required and to develop implementation strategies for multinationals through the equity equivalent programme. "South Africa is our land".

South African meat importers also oppose any suspension of the quota.

She said that from previous comments from Ramaphosa, she is convinced it will not be a "smash and grab" process but one responsibly created to encourage economic growth. South Africa belongs to all the people who live here.

Government officials said they would summon US diplomats to explain the Trump administration's position, although Trump has yet to name an ambassador to the country.

South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) on Tuesday withdrew a bill on expropriation passed by parliament in 2016. Let us know on our Facebook page and we might just tell your story.

The two leaders will be discussing the potential of partnerships between South Africa and the United Kingdom.

"Countries which rely on rabid nationalism and xenophobia and doctrines of religious or racial superiority. eventually those countries find themselves consumed by civil or external war", he said, in a speech widely interpreted a rebuke to Trump's worldview.

She added that the government had called on the US Chargé D'affaires for an explanation of the tweet, and criticized Trump for using Twitter as a platform to express his concerns instead of going through Pompeo.

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