Google Gives Wear OS A Much-Needed Interface Revamp For Smartwatches

Kelley Robertson
September 1, 2018

This new system is coming to "Wear OS by Google smartwatches" over the next month - presumably to every watch now running the newest version of Wear OS.

Some companies aren't waiting that long: This morning, Casio announced a new rugged Wear OS watch, while Fossil announced an extra-large Wear OS watch under its Diesel brand. Alongside the unusual UI, Google is additionally along with a brand unusual feed of data from Google Assistant, sooner secure admission to to Google Fit, and a more data-dense behold of your notifications.

Quite a bit different, right? If it is going to rain, the assistant will now remind you to carry your umbrella if you are heading out. All you need to do is swipe up to see all your notifications at once. These new functions helped it predict your questions and operate more like the friendly AI helper you're used to in other Google products. You'll be able to track two new goals called Move Minutes and Heart Points, both of which are meant to replace the standard 10,000 steps a day. If you receive an important message then simply tap to select a built-in smart reply. Google hopes that the functionalities of the new Wear OS will help make smartwatches feel more like analog wristwatches with added functionalities, rather than just another piece of gadget. In this way, you don't have to leave your fitness workouts or meetings.

Google says the new features will begin rolling out over the next month. We will notify you as the redesigned Wear OS update starts seeding. Google has trained its AI to help all the photography enthusiasts enjoy great features like adding colour to black and white images, making pictures pop by adjusting backdrop, suggesting brighter options for an under-processed picture.

The new revamped Google Assistant has gotten smarter and will provide you with helpful info based on your location. Swiping down will give you access to shortcuts like Google Pay and Find my Phone.

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