'Bachelor in Paradise' preview: Colton and Tia finally come face-to-face

Oscar Cross
August 8, 2018

Even though Angela moved away from her family, she admitted in her bio that her mom is one of five things she could never live without. So now it was her turn to experience a deeply uncomfortable season finale, where she was in love with two people but had to break someone's heart on national television. "So everywhere I go it's like a crumpled paper towel here, and crumpled paper towel there". "I've been waiting for this day and this moment for quite some time now.Will you let me spend the rest of my life making you smile?"

Her new man, however, claimed to not have a single pet peeve regarding his fiancee.

Viewers may have disliked ABC's portrayal of Yrigoyen's "likes" as a bump in the road to happily ever after ― no one on the post-show brought up the specific offensive content in the posts ― but Kufrin has her reasons for picking him, Gerst said.

"Just because I liked it, doesn't necessarily mean that I supported it", he added, speaking of his Instagram liking habits.

When Colton arrives, date card in hand, Tia says to the camera that all her old feelings for him have come rushing back, and that she's excited "to have this conversation that I've been waiting on".

They jump off the boat and he pulls her violently underwater and I get concerned that he thinks she actually wants to die here.

Blake is the first one at the dock, which means he's not getting picked and the viewing population knows for the final hour and 20 minutes who wins, yet we still watch. When that all came out, we attacked it.

Nonetheless, as they parted, instead of blasting her with the rage (or epithets) common to The Bachelorette, Horstmann blurted once again, "I love you".

On "Good Morning America", Yrigoyen repeated his apology and said the pair had talked about it and are moving forward together.

Meanwhile, Kimmel continued to keep things light and fluffy and only pitched softball questions at the couple during a game of "Fiance My Name", similar to the "The Newlywed Game", except a prequel edition. The story dominated press coverage of this season not just because the memes were particularly hateful and gross - including anti-immigrant jokes, fat-shaming memes, transphobic memes, and a post suggesting the Parkland students are crisis actors - but because this seemed to put Garrett on the opposite end of the political spectrum from Becca, a Hillary Clinton supporter. They both had absolutely no idea.

"Yes, it does", Garrett joked back.

There's a cheesy montage of Becca and Garrett at the bow of the boat taking in the scenery. "So we just addressed it, her and I". "I want to get a Costco membership with you, and I want to have your kids. everything!"

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