Social media blasts adult fan for "stealing" child's foul ball

Arnold Nichols
July 24, 2018

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Do not steal blatantly steal a foul ball from a kid, especially on national television.

The Cubs tracked down the young fan before he left the stadium and gave him a ball signed by infielder Javier Báez.

But Cubs' Puerto Rican star Baez make sure the youngster didn't miss out - and he signed one for him as well. Follow our Facebook page to get updates on your news feed! Well, according to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago, the man who was vilified had given the boy a baseball earlier in the game. The kid already had a ball the same guy helped him get.

Not to worry though: the team tweeted that the boy received not one but two baseballs used in the game.

He went on: 'He handed it to his wife.

Cubs Fan Steals Foul Ball From Kid But The Little Guy Still Wins

Kids are our future, so we have to give them baseballs.

Chicago Cubs officials confirmed the man had been generous during the match.

"Unfortunately, a video that was quickly posted and unverified has made a national villain out of an innocent man who was attending his first Cubs game to celebrate his wedding anniversary".

Kaplan says he spoke to the fan sitting next to the man who got the foul ball.

"The whole world is calling this guy the most evil guy in the world for being a ball thief", he said. "The only reason I got involved at all is because the story was so wrong".

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