Hooper: ‘Stand your ground’ can’t stand against senseless shooting over parking space

Saul Bowman
July 23, 2018

A man who was captured on surveillance video fatally shooting another man in Clearwater, Fla., during a parking-spot spat will not be arrested or charged by police, according to Pinellas County sheriff.

Police say a Florida man was shot and killed over a parking space. The vehicle was parked in a handicapped spot without a decal while McGlockton was in the store.

Jacobs was the first person Michael Drejka confronted after she parked in a handicap parking spot outside the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater Thursday. He was taken to hospital in the city of Clearwater and pronounced dead.

"I just cannot believe that that is the strict interpretation of the law because if it is we've opened up Pandora's Box to the okay morale where folks just start shooting each other simply because folks can get away because they're fearful", President of the NAACP St. Petersburg Maria Scruggs said.

A local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is holding a vigil Sunday for a black man who was killed Thursday in what authorities are calling a "stand your ground" shooting. Gualtieri said that McGlockton slammed Drejka to the ground, who then pulled out his gun and shot McGlockton in the chest.

He said the case would be reviewed by the state attorney who will determine whether Mr Drejka should be charged.

Upon seeing Drejka screaming and cursing at Jacobs, McGlockton shoved him to the ground.

The case will now go to the State Attorney's Office.

McGlockton and his five-year-old son get out of the auto and go into the convenience store while his girlfriend Jacobs waits in the driver's seat. "Drejka told deputies he placed his firearm in his Toyota 4-Runner prior to their arrival", the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said.

McGlockton stumbled back into the store where he collapsed, according to a new release.

Florida's "stand your ground" law allows the use of deadly force in the name of self-defense.

Drejka has a valid Florida concealed weapons license, deputies said. So it really doesn't matter what I would have done or what anybody else would have done. he's just a citizen, and he felt he had to defend himself'.

Gualtieri said the "stand your ground" law is clear and subjective and that this incident "is within the bookends" of the self-defense law, which was recently modified.

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