White House Cancels John Bolton’s CNN Interview With Jake Tapper

Saul Bowman
July 15, 2018

The U.S. President Donald Trump refused to answer a CNN reporter's question during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Teresa May, saying that "CNN is fake news". When Roberts was called on after Trump's refusal of CNN, the Fox reporter did not immediately push back against the president for insulting his CNN and NBC colleagues sitting next to him.

'Mr. President, since you attacked CNN, can I ask you a question?' he boomed, loud enough for microphones 10 yards away to pick up.

In a surprise, President Trump admitted Saturday that he watched CNN. "I actually told Theresa May how to do [Brexit], but she didn't listen to me", Trump said in the Sun interview, and then mused that May's Conservative Party rival, Boris Johnson, "would be a great prime minister". "John Roberts from Fox - let's go to a real network".

Later in the press conference, Trump slammed reporter Kristen Welker after a question about Russian Federation.

Roberts made the remarks after initially being criticized for not immediately defending his fellow journalists when Trump called on him at the United Kingdom conference after insulting CNN.

Dornic later shared that Roberts had blocked him on Twitter.

Different continent, same old CNN-hating Trump.

"Lesson for the kids out there: no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation it will ever be reciprocated", Tapper wrote.

John Bolton has yet to comment on the situation with Acosta or the canceled interview. It hasn't happened to any appreciable degree.

"They have fine journalists there who risk their lives to cover the news around the world, and to say that they're not a real network or "fake news" is also unfair", Roberts said.

"To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is also unfair". "No, no", Trump responded, calling the network "fake news". She's as honest as the day is long.

Trump also called out NBC.

At another point, Trump said NBC was "dishonest" and "possibly worse than CNN".

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