Liberal Law Professor: Kavanaugh is Trump's 'Classiest Move'

Muriel Hammond
July 13, 2018

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is going to have enough trouble getting all Red-State Democrats to vote against Kavanaugh, let alone getting any Republicans to vote no.

Congressional Republicans suffered a crushing defeat in 2017 when they tried and failed to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, former President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

"I don't think that if he were to be confirmed, we would see large and sudden shifts in the way the court goes about its business", Covington said, adding that "It's relatively safe to assume that you would see some incremental movement to the right, simply because he will be more conservative, in some ways, that Justice Kennedy was".

If confirmed, he would replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Kavanaugh once clerked. "Critics on the Right have pointed out that while Kavanaugh is undoubtedly brilliant and conservative, he seems to be something of a judicial politician".

The information falls under the article's headline: "Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh piled up credit card debt by purchasing Nationals tickets, White House says".

"I do not apply an ideological test to their personal views", Collins told reporters Tuesday.

Kavanaugh has not openly expressed a position on abortion, and tradition suggests he will not during his upcoming confirmation hearing or in meetings with lawmakers.

After all, in the 2016 presidential election, Trump signaled his intention to move the Supreme Court, in particular, and the federal judiciary, in general, even further to the right.

Kavanaugh said the question of whether a president can be indicted in office is debatable.

She did not explicitly say whether she would support Trump's pick.

Second, Trump picked the only potential high court candidate who assures that the confirmation hearings will be dominated by a discussion of Trump's vulnerability to criminal proceedings as a sitting president. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but...

Take the issue of abortion, which was a key issue in Jones' upset victory and it's gearing up as a key issue in Kavanaugh's impending nomination.

Another Bush staffer had a lot to do with the Kavanaugh choice, Trump White House Counsel Don McGahn. This includes launching a $5 million ad campaign and harnessing #StopKavanaugh on social media.

"President Trump vowed he'd never let the NRA down, and with the Kavanaugh pick, he chose someone whose judicial record demonstrates a risky view of the Second Amendment that elevates gun rights above public safety".

Senators Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and West Virginia's Joe Manchin will no doubt face massive pressure from their own party to toe the line and vote no.

Senate Democrats, who are divided on abortion policy, are instead turning to healthcare as a rallying cry for opposition to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

"They're in a hard situation", said the University of Maine's Fried.

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