FactCheck: Boris Johnson lied about European Union safety regulation in his resignation letter

Saul Bowman
July 11, 2018

He was named foreign secretary hours after Boris Johnson resigned, citing issues with May's Brexit policies.

Allies of Mrs May said that just six MPs expressed dissent in the course of the meeting.

In January 2014, Mr Johnson said: "If these amendments, supported by dozens of cities across Europe, can succeed, we can save literally hundreds of lives across the European Union in years to come".

Nevertheless, many Brexiteers were furious after Downing Street said it would be be briefing Labour MPs on the Chequers plan.

But Dunt says there's never been a greater chance that it doesn't happen than now.

The Prime Minister was greeted by loud cheers from Tory MPs and shouts of "resign" from the opposition benches as she arrived to deliver a statement in which she said her proposals would deliver "a Brexit that is in our national interest... the right Brexit deal for Britain".

British Prime Minister Theresa May dug in her heels today after the resignation of two top government ministers over Brexit negotiations whipped up a storm that threatened to topple her fragile minority government.

Brexit minister Steve Baker and unpaid parliamentary aides Conor Burns and Chris Green also resigned.

Mr Barrow, who stepped down as leader of the authority in December 2015, tweeted his thoughts on the latest Brexit fallout in the wake of David Davis' Sunday night resignation and before Boris Johnson stepped down from his position as Foreign Secretary.

Le Figaro, the conservative French broadsheet, says the prime minister has been "destabilised by a pro-Brexit revolt", although the inside editorial points out the "mutiny is far from having been won".

Hunt, who had been the health secretary, is considered one of May's most loyal ministers.

He had been Attorney General - the country's chief legal officer - since 2014.

The latest turmoil comes at the beginning of an already busy week for May, which includes a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels and President Trump's much-anticipated visit to the U.K. He and May are scheduled to meet on Friday.

"My principal job at a time of massive importance for our country is to stand four square behind the Prime Minister so that we can get through an agreement with the European Union based on what was agreed by the Cabinet last week at Chequers", he said.

"If we end up with a Brexit deal as it seems we are going to I will certainly finish my association with the Tory party and I do not think I would be the only one".

The Council President told reporters: "Politicians come and go but the problems they've created for their people remain".

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