Ex-Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years over corruption

Saul Bowman
July 6, 2018

"He (Nawaz) chose this path despite being aware that it was not easy and a price for it had to be paid", she said, adding that the PML-N supremo paid a "heavy price" for his decision.

The court verdict enraged Sharif's die-hard supporters.

"Nawaz Sharif and Zardari ruined institutions due to their corruption", he said.

Maryam's husband Captain (retd) Muhammad Safdar has also been sentenced to one year of imprisonment. Nawaz Sharif was also fined 10 million pounds in the case.

It was the latest blow to Sharif, just weeks ahead of the country's parliament elections later this month, and also the first verdict against the embattled former premier who has faced a string of trials since he was ousted from office by the Supreme Court previous year for concealing assets overseas.

The court had ordered the properties be confiscated by the federal government.

The Sharifs had filed an application on Thursday requesting the court to delay the verdict in the Avenfield reference and grant a seven-day exemption in the wake of Nawaz's wife, Begum Kulsoom Nawaz's critical health. "We are hearing reports of Nawaz Sharif returning on Tuesday or Wednesday. that is when we can predict how this will influence voters". But Nawaz will have to first face formal arrest because an absconder, according to the law, has no right of audience before a court.

The PML later split and Nawaz formed the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Imran Khan was adamant to pursue the case for which he held rallies and protests. Sharif, his daughter and his son-in-law all received prison sentences Friday for their roles in the massive corruption scandal that brought down his premiership. "Pakistan's future will be better now", PTI's Ali Awan told Arab News.

PML-N officials also accuse the military of using its muscle to twist the arm of the media to restrict coverage of criticism of the judiciary and military by Sharif and his allies. "Even with institutional pressure and this verdict, the party is maintaining its position", he said.

What is the Avenfield corruption case?

The father-daughter duo had earlier sought a seven-day exemption, stating they wanted to be in court when the judgment was announced. But in the ruling that ousted Mr. Sharif from office past year, the Supreme Court concluded that he and his family members could not adequately explain how they were able to afford the expensive London apartments and that they failed to provide a money trail.

Pakistan's anti-corruption court on Friday convicted ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in absentia and sentenced him to 10 years in prison, in what seemed to be the end of a long and tumultuous political career of the three-time leader.

In October, the accountability court had indicted the disqualified politician, his daughter, and her husband, Awan.

"I congratulate my all prosecution team".

Sharif was forced to relinquish his leadership position from his party, ending his active involvement in its political affairs.

"Decisions of court should be accepted by all; they should not be based the concept of pick and choose", he said.

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