Melania Trump's New Message Is Black and White

Saul Bowman
July 1, 2018

On Thursday she wore a black sweater and white trousers as she boarded a government plane in Washington, with no visible writing on either garment.

"Thank you for all your hard work that you do, and I know how risky and difficult your daily jobs are", Trump said at a briefing with border patrol and immigration enforcement officials and local ranchers. But she was clearly walking a line between highlighting the plight of immigrant families and promoting law enforcement.

Other companies are selling items using the similar idea, however, with the words changed to, "I really do care, why don't you?"

Maria Castro, a community organizer with Puente Arizona, an advocacy group, said Mrs. Trump was not welcome in Phoenix and accused the first lady of having made a mockery of the situation with her jacket last week.

"She doesn't like to see parents and kids separated".

Melania Trump is due to go back to the southern border on Thursday, to visit immigration centers housing apprehended migrants.

Mr Trump issued an executive order to end the family separations on June 20, but the government has yet to reunite about 2,000 children with their parents.

"We've really prevented instances of human trafficking where someone show up claiming to be a family unit and then we find out that the children are in no way", he said, "not even a close relation to the adult in custody".

"I want to thank you for all your hard work", she told officials on her first stop at a Customs and Border Patrol facility in Tucson.

Whatever Melania Trump's intentions, she stirred up the kind of debate that could hurt her credibility as a compassionate advocate for children affected by her husband's immigration policies.

Twenty-five protesters were taken into custody Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles in the USA state of California for denouncing Washington's immigration policy and separation practices.

After roundtable she will get a tour of the intake center, a short-term holding facility, where families are being separated. "So this is something that our people encounter on a daily basis, is seeing children that are put in, and families, in very risky situations". Her spokeswoman said it was just a jacket.

Following the announcement, spectators were quick to critique the campaign slogan's grammar, with President Trump reportedly laughing off queries about whether it was grammatically correct, says Newsweek.

"How are you?" she said, smiling. She nodded and said, "That's great", after being told that children remained at the Texas shelter from 42 to 45 days.

Melania Trump said she appreciates all the Border Patrol does "on behalf of the country".

"Hi! How are you?" the first lady asked.

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