Farrah Abraham's Rep Releases Statement After Arrest for Alleged Battery & Trespassing

Oscar Cross
June 15, 2018

When they went on to take her wallet, she continued to defend herself, saying that she hadn't committed a crime, hit, or injured anyone at the hotel.

The photo was Abraham's first since she was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel after hitting a hotel employee. To make matters worse, Farrah was also incredibly rude to the cops who were arresting her. She also stated multiple times that she didn't do anything to warrant an arrest while also telling officers that she did not assault anyone.

Aside from being a grammatical hatchet-job, the statement seems to announce that Abraham may still be in jail, as it suggests she has yet to post bail or be released after being charged. "She was asking for it". Way back in 2013 she was arrested for a DUI.

'Focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems, ' she said.

"At this time we thank everyone for Farrah's concern [sic] and will assure [sic] that when she is released Farrah will release a statement on her behalf ..."

It ended, "Please remember their is [sic] 2 sides to every story!"

Before Abraham took to Instagram Wednesday, a representative for the former reality star insisted that the arrest was a "misunderstanding". The Inquisitr shares that Debra has not spoken to her granddaughter in months. In fact, "I'm not surprised Farrah got arrested". So she had to stay at home with a nanny while her mom was in prison.

'I chose this life and I handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag, ' she wrote.

Abraham's next court date is scheduled for June 15.

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