E3 2018: Check Out Battlefield V Multiplayer in New Trailer

Kelley Robertson
June 11, 2018

Battlefield V will not contain loot boxes nor will it have a premium pass.

At the conference, EA indicated that Battlefield V will be the "deepest" and "most immersive" game in the franchise.

DICE confirmed that the rumoured Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode would be part of the game at the beginning of the EA Play 2018 press conference earlier this evening.

The world of competitive online shooting games officially has battle royale fever.

NVIDIA and Electronic Arts have released a new gameplay trailer, showing the PC version of Battlefield V for the first time. Battlefield V changes that up in a big way with a new focus on resource scarcity.

"It's royale re-imagined for Battlefield", senior producer Lars Gustavsson said of the mode.

Traditionally, Battlefield multiplayer modes have handled up to 64 players on one map, usually with some kind of objective for teams to complete or defend. There's no word on the number of players EA's twist will support. New features like the destruction model for buildings, anti-air guns attached to the back of tanks, and reverse prone movement were showcased. There will also be a new battle royale mode, but it wasn't given a video preview.

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