Apple's Digital Wellbeing Tools Make The User Experience More Humane

Kelley Robertson
June 10, 2018

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday by sharing some new details about its latest mobile software, iOS 12.

When a person starts to speak their tile will become more prominent on the screen so you'll see who's chatting.

Apple faced a backlash late previous year when it emerged that the company slowed down some older iPhones with flagging batteries.

It will be released to users during the second or third week of September, if Apple follows the pattern it has for the past few years.

The new macOS update also brings new apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home.

Users can view and control how they spend their time on apps, set time limits and more. Parents can also set App Limits on their kids by category or individual app, in case you want your kid to always have access to the Phone app, or educational apps, but want to limit their time in certain apps and websites.

Apple also announced a new AR app called "Measure" that lets you see the dimensions of objects and get automatic measurements.

In the wake of lawsuits centered on Apple's decision to purposefully slow down old models of iPhones, the purported focus of Apple's iOS 12 is improving the speed and performance of both new and old phones, as well as eliminating some bugs.

Another new feature is grouped notifications, and as the name applies, your notifications cannot only be grouped by apps, but also by topic, thread, etc. This is all done with the objective of developing Apple's AI and getting more people to use Siri for complex tasks.

The app switcher now allows you to swipe apps away without the need to hold down on them first. That's right - with iOS 12 you will be able to hold a FaceTime call including up to 32 people.

■ Apple is also planning an update to ARKit, its platform for developers to build augmented-reality experiences on iPhones and iPads, which it announced previous year.

After Google announced its "Digital Wellness" for Android system, a function that can allow users to monitor how much they've spent on their handset, Apple followed suit in response to concerns raised by its investors calling for digital locks for kids.

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