Macron calls on G7 members to confront Trump’s trade policies

Ann Santiago
June 8, 2018

"Until we can have reciprocal relationships, we will not have free trade, and we will not have fair trade", Kudlow said.

At that point, Macron said he believed he could persuade the US remain in the Iran accord and forgo any tariffs against the European Union.

The leaders will join Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and new Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Quebec for talks on Friday and Saturday.

Trudeau called Trump's tariffs "irresponsible" and "insulting".

His decision not to fully engage at the G7 means there will be little opportunity to row back from a potential trade war over his steel tariffs with both China and the European Union planning retaliatory action.

President Donald Trump has angered traditional American allies by slapping them with tariffs and pulling the United States out of worldwide agreements such as the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.

French president Emmanuel Macron, who describes Mr Trump as a "friend", has taken a more confrontational approach ahead of the summit.

That's because Trudeau and Macron are expected to reiterate their previous messaging at the G7 summit, and claim that Trump's tariffs will hurt American workers and damage the U.S.' image internationally. She has had frosty relations with Trump in the past.

Most recently, Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement, following his earlier decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

"Prime Minister Trudeau is being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that the USA and Canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things...but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy - hurting our Farmers, killing our Agriculture!" tweeted the President.

The G7 developed in part because the world's rich powers - despite their Cold War victory - became frustrated working through the broader multilateral system with lesser rivals.

"I would like to say Mr. Trump that the measures taken are counterproductive".

Last week, Trump made a decision to end those exemptions, and the tariffs went into effect on June 1.

The official, speaking to reporters after Macron met Trudeau for talks in Ottawa on Wednesday, said the six non-U.S. G7 nations were united on the main topics to be discussed.

Trudeau will be getting help from his fellow G7 leaders. They have recovered somewhat, but are still vulnerable and Italy's new government is also a risk.

While Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, called trade tensions shadowing the summit "a family quarrel", finance ministers from the six other nations issued a rare public rebuke during a preliminary meeting last week, saying they would retaliate against the American tariffs.

"This is unlikely to deter President Trump given the United States' widening $570 billion trade deficit, particularly if he feels cornered", said Olivier Desbarres of economic strategy consultancy 4X Global Research.

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