Hundreds More Hawaii Homes Destroyed as Lava Surge Fills Coastal Bay

Saul Bowman
June 7, 2018

Lava has inundated most of Vacationland and has covered all but the northern part of Kapoho Beach Lots. She noted that does not count the homes lost at Kapoho, since those have to be verified by drone overflight and comparison with tax department maps, and that hundreds more still need to be counted.

Thousands in the Puna area had to evacuate after the first fissure opened 3 May. Scientists with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that no tsunami was expected from the quake.

Kapoho resident Mark Johnson was coming to terms with the possibility of losing his home and five-acre citrus farm.

A wide, slow-moving river of lava from the Kilauea volcano has claimed hundreds of additional homes in the southeastern corner of Hawaii's Big Island, officials say, marking what could be the most destructive day of the now monthlong volcanic eruption. Lava continues to pour into the ocean, enlarging the delta at the former Kapoho Bay site.

No injuries were reported in the area, which had previously been evacuated. These were vacation homes and rentals, as well as primary residences. (Reuters/Terray Sylvester) Lava threatens homes in the Kapoho area.

"What used to be the bay is now all lava bed, new land, nearly a mile out into the ocean", the civil defense spokesman said.

"Right now, we don't have anything". (Reuters/Terray Sylvester) Lava flows across a highway on the outskirts of Pahoa.

The eruption has also been triggering earthquakes, including a 5.5-magnitude tremor early Tuesday morning at Kilauea's summit.

According to Snyder, Kim said, "Things that took weeks and months to get done in the past has now taken days".

Lava had covered almost 8 square miles (20.7 sq km) of landscape as of Monday, and some 9,900 earthquakes had been recorded on the Big Island since Kilauea rumbled back to life last month.

Hawaii Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno told reporters that people needed to stay at least 1,000 feet back from the bay to avoid health effects from the laze, in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency standards.

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