Skeleton Of Man Possibly Crushed Running From Lava Found In Pompeii

Saul Bowman
June 1, 2018

The remains of a man trying to escape the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago were found in Pompeii, Italy, this week, and the photographs have become a meme. A research team at the Pompeii Archaeological Park has found a new one to add to the list, and it's horrific.

Researchers believe the man was knocked backward by a thick pyroclastic cloud.

The unlucky bloke, estimated to be in his mid-30s was said by officials to have been struck after the rock was "violently thrown by the volcanic cloud".

When archaeologists examined the man's remains, they discovered that he likely had a bone infection on his leg. The malady may explain why he was unable to escape in the wake of the eruption's early warning signals. Slowed by his sickly legs, he had no chance. say archaeologists.

Osanna has been tasked with revitalizing a site "held back by consistent conservation problems, lack of funds, stifling bureaucracy and looting by the infamous Neapolitan mafia", as ArtNet's Henri Neuendorfreported in 2015.

A new "dramatic and exceptional" discovery in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii has been made during ongoing excavation work.

To give you an idea of how gruesome this end was, the man's thorax was completely crushed. Archaeologists think it had been harnessed so that someone could escape the city.

Two other horses' remains were found nearby, but they were less complete, National Geographic reports.

Meanwhile, the dramatic photo of the headless, crushed skeleton has gained social media celebrity, almost 2000 years after the worst day of his life. The human toll was detailed by Pliny the Younger, who described an apocalyptic scene of profound tragedy, and preserved physically in the bodies of the many victims entombed by the ash - including desperate would-be evacuees clinging to their belongings and families trying to find shelter together.

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