Pixel 3 Devices to Be Completely Built In-House by Google

Kelley Robertson
May 31, 2018

The larger variant will feature edge-to-edge display, except for a chin at the bottom and a notch on the top. It's said that the Pixel 3 will have a design similar to the Pixel 2, meaning no edge-to-edge display. This, in comparison to the 216 million units that Apple shipped during the same period is very alarming and a pale figure indeed. Google intends to keep updating its Pixel line annually as it sees the hardware division as important to the company's long-term future. However, whatever Google plans on doing with that design decision, whether it's just another front-facing camera or one created to facilitate face unlock features, remains unknown. Verizon is expected to again be the exclusive mainstream carrier partner in the USA, though Project Fi support is expected too.

The plans for the new Pixels could change before the phones are released, the people said. You can react to that however you see fit, but since Kellen and I have both been using phones with top notches this year, we can assure you that it's not as bad as you might want to believe.

A Bloomberg report claims that Foxconn will make Google's next generation Pixel handsets. Of course, Google heavily relies on its HTC hardware team that it acquired a while back.

The report goes on to say that Google won't be adopting a dual rear camera setup on either one of the Pixel smartphones this year. This cutout won't be as wide as that on the iPhone X, but Bloomberg claims that it will be taller.

'The bigger Pixel will include two camera lenses on the front of the phone inside of the notch, ' Bloomberg wrote.

However, the cut outs for the speakers and cameras are much larger than what current Pixel phones offer, suggesting there could be a power boost for both the cameras and the speakers.

This is disappointing news for anyone hoping that T-Mobile might finally have the Pixel 3 on its shelves this year.

Apple shocked tech fans with the release of its iPhone X, which featured a "notch" in the screen. Last year LG made the Pixel 2 XL while HTC manufactured the Pixel 2.

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