Complete list of Star Wars spinoffs, from the year 2043

Oscar Cross
May 27, 2018

A Boba Fett movie was originally meant to be announced alongside Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 2015.

A Star Wars Story in theaters, we're talking Star Wars, specifically - Are the prequels worth a second look? As with many characters in the Star Wars canon, Fett has been further fleshed out in many "extended universe" books, comics, and video games, though it's unlikely Lucasfilm would include any such stories.

The news just dropped via The Hollywood Reporter, who says Logan director James Mangold is signed, sealed and delivered to both write and direct the film.

James Mangold, director and co-writer of "Logan", will direct the yet-untitled film for Disney, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Boba Fett was introduced in 1980s Empire Strikes Back and then appeared in 1983s Return of the Jedi as the silent but armor-clad mercenary who brings Han Solo to the slug-like crime lord Jabba the Hutt. People wanted to know more about the pale-skinned individual, and she went on to have a lengthy tenure in various forms of media that are now considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity. However, the studio is understood to have a bunch of films based on Star Wars characters in the works.

While that approach could potentially lead to a headline down the road that reads, "Mangold exits Boba Fett film over creative differences", one can only hope that Lucasfilm doesn't stand too much in his way.

Boba Fett isn't the only character who could be jumping into the big screen with his own standalone adventure.

Dedicated fans will remember seeing Boba Fett's younger self showing up in "The Clones Wars" animated show as well. I wouldn't expect either the Boba Fett or Obi-Wan projects to launch earlier than 2020. But we can not take one more spinoff.

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