Battlefield 5 lands in October, will do away with the 'premium pass'

Kelley Robertson
May 24, 2018

It is however expected the game will run both DirectX 11 and 12, much like the current version.

It certainly looks like the massive outrage about the monetisation schemes in Star Wars: Battlefront II have sufficiently spooked publisher EA and developer DICE. But one thing that DICE has confirmed after so many teases this week, the developer has confirmed that the game will be coming to World War II.

Mind you, this isn't Battle Royale set in World War II.

Consider buying BFV like signing enlistment papers in 1942: You're in it 'till you win it.

Battlefield 5 was revealed by EA DICE during an event this afternoon. You can expect plenty of avatar customizations the more you play the game. These are 64-player, multipart battles that take place over the course of four in-game days.

Players that pre-order any edition of the "Battlefield V" game with the "Battlefield V" Enlister Offer will get early access to the game's open beta and other in-game benefits including soldier customization options, access to Special Assignments starting at launch week and immediate access to five weapons to use in "Battlefield 1", EA announced during the game's unveiling Wednesday. It sounds like Combined Arms will also have you scrounging for resources as you make it to objectives, raising the stakes further as you need to decide if you can push through or extract early.

There are plenty of new tricks too, such as killing opponents through walls and feeling the blast of nearby explosions.

The chapter of war is also an interesting idea. It's broken up into episodes with each of them focussing on a different theatre of conflict such as the Norwegian Resistance during World War 2. That's right, you'll get to experience war from a historical perspective, regardless of what side you play. This mode will give new maps, modes, and limited-time experiences.

Besides for the new modes, just playing the game will also feel new and fresh now thanks to a newly overhauled movement system (for example, you can now drag downed friendly players to safety) as well as additional physics effects like characters reacting to the shockwaves from explosions or being able to shoot grenades in mid-air. All of these will count towards your progression and upgrades as well, in case you were wondering.

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