Thanos Arrives In 'Fortnite', Immediately Is Nerfed Because He Is Too Powerful

Oscar Cross
May 12, 2018

The Avengers: Infinity War/ Fortnite Limited Time mode crossover kicked off earlier this week, and a day later Thanos was nerfed.

Marvel supervillain Thanos has entered the battle royale in Fortnite, and you can play as him if you can capture the Infinity Gauntlet.

Epic Games continues to make adjustments to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet limited timed mode in order for Fortnite players to have the best possible experience.

"If you kill Thanos, the gauntlet will fall to the ground where it can be claimed by other players".

Check out the trailer below.

Eurogamer who reported on this news, has also said that feedback from fans is quite the opposite when compared to the action Epic took. They have to locate the Infinity Gauntlet at random points in the game.

Thanos' super powers allow him to punch to knock enemies back as well as destroying structures. On the sandbox game, Fortnite of course.

Somehow the two hottest properties in pop culture have come together with Fortnite's latest update that introduces the Infinity Gauntlet fromAvengers: Infinity War. With the update, only Rare, Epic, and Legendary-level weapons will spawn, which in turn should give players more firepower to help take down Thanos. A very competitive game that is played for big money on the E sports scene has to be balanced.

The one thing this accomplishes is getting more Fortnite players to play as Thanos.

As the Deseret News noted, it was unclear how Thanos would be used in the game and what that meant for gamers. Secondly, we know from promotional pictures and on-set footage that Hawkeye's set to appear in Avengers 4 in his Ronin identity, defined as more of a lone wolf than before.

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