Attacks on Kabul police stations kill 7

Saul Bowman
May 10, 2018

Three suicide bombers and gunmen attacked targeted several police stations in the Afghan capital Wednesday, authorities said.

In the first attack, in western Kabul, the attackers hurled hand grenades and blew themselves up, setting part of the station on fire, Barmak said, adding that a third suicide bomber was shot and killed by police.

IS claimed the first attack on a police station in a heavily Shiite-populated neighbourhood in the city's west, which interior minister Wais Barmak said ended after roughly an hour.

"The enemies of Afghanistan are proving nothing else with these attacks other than their enmity towards the people of Afghanistan", it said, in a statement.

The Taliban and an Islamic State (IS) affiliate have carried out a series of massive attacks in Kabul in recent months.

Though no group has claimed responsibility for the abduction of the Indians, Afghan officials have blamed the Taliban.

He says another two suicide bombers struck at the entrance of a police station in the city center.

Asam, the head of the Kabul ambulance service, who only has one name, said six people have been transferred to hospitals.

Fighting traditionally picks up in Afghanistan as warmer weather melts snow in mountain passes, allowing insurgents to move around more easily and the Taliban have put security forces under heavy pressure in many areas of the country.

Officials confirmed the death of three security personnel, while 14 others were wounded. Provincial police spokesman Abdul Karim Yuresh said the fighting is still underway and that government forces still hold the compound. He did not have any immediate word on casualties.

The attacks happened just over a week after twin blasts in Kabul killed 25 people, including AFP chief photographer Shah Marai and eight other journalists.

The battle for the compound within the Bilchirgh district, within the northern Faryab province, got here a day after the insurgents captured the district compound within the distant Tala wa Barfak district, within the northern Baghlan province.

Mohammad Hashim, a member of parliament from Faryab province, said the Taliban captured the district headquarters in Bilchirgh early on Wednesday after more than 40 security forces retreated under heavy fire.

Since launching its spring offensive, the Taliban also has overrun at least four Afghan districts and threatened several others.

The Taliban issued an announcement saying they management the district and claiming to have killed 10 safety forces. The Taliban have captured a number of districts in numerous components of the nation from Afghan safety forces since 2014, when the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation formally concluded their fight mission and shifted to a supporting position.

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