76ers' Ben Simmons on one-point night: 'I was thinking too much'

Arnold Nichols
May 7, 2018

The Celtics have formed a new look big three with some greatness contributions from the supporting cast.

Simmons said after it was a result of "overthinking".

Encouragement can't hurt Simmons, who conceded he's been suffering from a strain of paralysis by over-analysis.

But as a Sixers fan, I've been disappointed so far with the way Philadelphia has been outplayed and outcoached as Boston won the first two games of the series.

Given the talented young players on both teams, I'm thinking they'll be battling for the division title for years to come.

Simmons wasn't much of a factor in the series opener.

What Simmons is going through is no joking matter.

Simmons failed to score a field goal for the first time in his career as the 76ers suffered an 108-103 defeat at TD Garden on Thursday to go 2-0 down in the second round of the National Basketball Association playoffs.

"I'll be back", Brown said.

"Man, I've never seen TD Garden like it was tonight", Jaylen Brown said after the game. They have all played extremely well in the postseason. They really have individual defensive pieces that are exceptional. "They kept me out there a little bit and I got warmer and warmer, and then I kind of got comfortable". Early in LeBron [James'] days, that was all he saw. "But I think he felt pretty good".

Iverson, who turns 43 Monday, minimized the importance of practice with his immortal, "We're talkin' about practice?" speech in 2002.

Simmons can use any energy from anywhere. The Sixers and Celtics are led by some of the NBA's rising stars. While Simmons' struggles stuck out, Dario Saric also failed to get into an offensive rhythm and the the team's defense faltered down the stretch. Let's just say things didn't go so well for Hart and his beloved Sixers. "I bent down, stopped, accelerated, picked up the ball and exploded up for the dunk".

Philly held a lead of 22 points in the 2nd quarter but a 20-5 run by Boston to close the 1st half made it a 56-51 game at the half.

Even Brown seems to have second thoughts. Looking back, he believes that playing a substantial number of minutes out of the gate was more beneficial than if he had played a short stint because it allowed him to loosen up the muscle over an extended period of time. And while you'd think someone with his pedigree might bristle at being shoved into the background during the most important and high-profile time of the season, Fultz likened his relationship with Coach Brown to a familial bond.

Don't look for Brown to go on a timeout spending spree when the series moves to the Center.

"I'll get some treatment tomorrow, ice it down, and get ready for Game 3". "But we were doing OK". I wish we played yesterday. That's the decision I made. And I feel like if I had to do it again, I would do the same thing. "It's not something we just sort of construct in our mind".

Falling behind 2-0 - especially after losing game two in heartbreaking fashion - is a hard situation for a young team to overcome. "Because it was one of those deals [where] we needed everybody engaged in the game and it was a special environment". When Tatum, the No. 3 overall pick in the last draft scored 28 in Game 1, it opened the draft to a public audit.

Tatum was humbled by the Sixers legend's praise.

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