Riders stuck upside-down on roller coaster for two hours

Muriel Hammond
May 3, 2018

A 24-year-old woman from the city of Kumamoto, who rode on the roller coaster shortly before the incident, was surprised by the news.

Sixty-four passengers were left hanging in the air for up to two hours after a roller coaster made an emergency stop today at Universal Studios Japan.

The amusement park said the two carriages - each with 32 passengers - stalled midway through the 1,100m ride at around 4.45pm.

One stopped on the upward track, leaving passengers horizontally facing the ground, while the other remained suspended closer to the departure and arrival platform. No injuries or casualties were reported. One auto of Jurassic Park-themed "Flying Dinosaur" stopped during its upward climb whereas, the other stalled before reaching the terminal. The last person was stranded for two hours, according to Kyodo news agency. The ride was reopened that afternoon, around 7 p.m., and while some visitors steered clear of the ride, there was still a line when operations resumed.

The operator of an amusement park in western Japan says a faulty motor control part is the cause of a recent roller coaster mishap. "I don't want to ride it anymore", one woman visiting the park told the Times. "It's already a terrifying ride, so I want them to operate it safely".

Tuesday's incident was not the first time the ride ran into trouble.

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