US Secretary of State Pompeo calls on Palestinians to negotiate

Saul Bowman
May 1, 2018

Speaking during a press conference in Amman, Pompeo said the USA has a clear strategy in Syria, which includes standing up to the use of chemical weapons and continued fight against the Islamic State (IS).

The incidents, all involving the Gaza border fence, took place on Sunday evening. Soldiers shot and killed one of the men, and the other was wounded and held for questioning.

It said "hundreds of rioters" tried to burn the fence and enter Israel, and went on to say that the crowd threw explosives, firebombs and rocks, and that troops opened fire "in accordance with the rules of engagement", halting the crowd. Israel's military argues that the border protests are part of a long-running conflict with Gaza's ruling Hamas, which it considers a terror group, and that the rules of armed conflict apply. No Israeli soldiers or civilians have been injured in the nonviolent protests.

Amnesty International has called for an arms embargo against Israel, which it accused of carrying out a "murderous assault" on Palestinians participating in the protests.

Asked whether he agreed with his host Safadi that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most important threat to the stability of the region, Pompeo declined to rank it but described it as an "incredible priority".

The officer spoke on condition of anonymity under military guidelines. They say the military's use of lethal force against unarmed protesters is unlawful.

Richard PompeoTrump discusses Iran with Netanyahu as deadline looms Trump officials heading into North Korea talks with "eyes wide open" In Saudi Arabia, Pompeo says Iran "destabilizes" region MORE on Monday said Israel has a right to defend itself in response to questions about the shootings of Palestinian protesters near the Gaza Strip border that has left three people dead on Sunday. Tap water is undrinkable, and its Mediterranean coast has been polluted with untreated waste.

The protests also press for a return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to what is now Israel. Abbas said Monday that he will do so only if Hamas hands over all authority - an unlikely prospect since the militant group refuses to give up control over its weapons.

Israel typically issues several hundred thousand entry permits a year for West Bankers, ranging from day passes to those valid for several months, for work, health care, study and other purposes. Palestinians mark the date as their "nakba", or catastrophe.

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