19:11Caravan of Migrants Reach US Border, Temporarily Rejected by Patrol

Saul Bowman
May 1, 2018

Almost a dozen people suspected of traveling through Mexico to the USA border as part of the immigrant "caravan" from Central America are now facing new complaints for immigration-related violations, including entering the US illegally.

Mexican officials late on Sunday allowed a first group into the walkway, about 50 women, children and transgender people, among the "most vulnerable" of the caravan, organizers said. Migrants trying to get into the United States may need to wait in Mexico as officials process those already in the facility, officials said.

The migrant caravan was relatively unknown until Donald Trump started tweeting about them.

Pete Flores, director of operations for the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in San Diego, said if the San Ysidro port reaches its maximum capacity, which is about 300 people, some applicants should wait in Mexico while cases are proccesed, EFE reported.

But when space opens and "resources become available", officers "will be able to take additional individuals into the port for processing".

The caravans were moving through Mexico and carried as many as 1,500 migrants who intended on coming to the States.

USA border authorities say some people associated with the caravan had already been caught trying to slip through the border fence and encouraged the rest to report to authorities. Mirroring the president's tweets, a fundraising email sent out in April touted Trump's orders to "STOP the caravan of illegal immigrants trying to cross our WIDE-OPEN BORDER".

Some migrants said they had walked the last leg of the journey filled with anxiety.

Earlier Sunday, the migrants boarded five old school buses to attend a rally at a Pacific Ocean beach, with supporters gathering on both sides of the border fence and some climbing the barrier to sit or to wave signs.

At the sea-washed gates of the world's most-powerful nation, the president's opponents said they wanted to see a United States built on compassion not hostility.

"Members of the caravan said they would not give up, setting up a possible showdown with the U.S", writes Fox News. "We will enforce the immigration laws as set forth by Congress". In an attempt to deter them, Trump mobilized the National Guard to help patrol the four Southwest border states, despite the fact that its presence will be purely ornamental - the National Guard can't make immigration arrests, and the caravan's members plan to travel through legal ports of entry. The caravan's organizers hope to garner further sympathy for the migrants' plight.

While terming the immigrants as "caravans" Trump warned to use the Nuclear option as part of which the US Senate is allowed to override a rule in spite of no majority vote. "If we don't have borders, we won't have a country", Trump said in a joint news conference on Monday with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari when asked about the caravan. She didn't know where she was going, just that she was going to the United States, she said. Asylum seekers are typically issued work permits while they wait for their cases to be adjudicated. The handful of migrants who had made it through the Mexican side of the border vanished from sight, the others were left to hunker down on the concrete.

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