Apple working on wireless AR, VR headset

Kelley Robertson
April 28, 2018

Another report, this time from CNET, claims Apple is working on a combo AR/VR headset that could launch as soon as 2020. While augmented reality places other objects into a normal field of view, like the hit game Pokemon Go, virtual reality provides a completely computer-generated landscape. All that the user needs to enjoy the technology are the headset and the box. The project, the reports adds, is codenamed T288.

"The company is working on a headset capable of running both AR and VR technology, according to a person familiar with Apple's plans".

Not many details have been revealed at the moment as the project is still in its very early stages. Stand-alone VR headsets are just about the come to the market.

The development of augmented reality is high on the list of priorities for Apple, as previously revealed by CEO Tim Cook. The source says Apple's headset uses a super-high-def 8K display for each eye. By 2020 VR headsets probably won't rely on stationary external hardware. For Apple to really consolidate AR and VR at the resolutions detailed, they would likely need a genuinely massive plan that I would be shocked to see them seek after with an AR item.

The company, to recall, rolled out ARKit past year to help developers design AR experiences for the iPhone and iPad, so the said devices will be aware of their surroundings and will allow users to interact with them virtually through AR. The headset would in fact support version 2.0 of the technology, that would apparently boost speeds and range in such devices, and is slated to release sometime in 2019. If only Apple comes out with one in the days to come, that is. This processor would work as a brain of the headset and the headset would be controlled by the built-in processor itself. Apple's most advanced mobile processor is the 10nm A11 Bionic processor which the company used in iPhone X. There's no 5 nm available in the market yet, that should take us some generations to achieve from today.

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