Hero Aboard Southwest Flight Speaks Out

Oscar Cross
April 24, 2018

The pilots said they had been interviewed by investigators Wednesday and would not be doing any media interviews.

Shults, a devoted churchgoer and mother-of-two who lives with her family in San Antonio, has made a career out of defying the odds.

Maloney told the newspaper she met Shults at a Navy training event and kept in touch even as they were based on opposite coasts in Florida and California.

Southwest says the auxiliary power unit powers various systems while on the ground and say there were never any concerns with the aircraft's engines.

After connecting her phone to the plane's Wi-Fi, Amanda texted Pastor Bourman's father to tell him what happened and to relay what she thought would be their last words to their children. In 1993, after Shults left active duty, she transitioned to the Naval Reserve.

Before the plane landed, the pilot asked the air traffic controller to send medics to meet it on the tarmac.

"No, it's not on fire, but part of it is missing".

The Southwest Boeing 737 took off Tuesday morning from NY, headed for Dallas.

Passengers described the former US Navy fighter pilot as having "nerves of steel" during the chaos before miraculously landing the plane. "And is your airplane physically on fire?" "They said there's a hole and that someone went out", the pilot responded.

The controller responded: "Um, I'm sorry. I wouldn't let you by without a hug'". Two months later, she buzzed her hair made her way to Pensacola, Florida, for flight training. The fan blade spins at several thousand revolutions per minute, so when it was "liberated", Sumwalt said, it basically broke into shrapnel.

A passenger desperately tried to help the woman who was sucked out of a plane window.

Passenger Marty Martinez of Dallas says he has no immediate plan to cash the check.

It was a rough landing, he said, and things were so chaotic he wasn't sure if the plane was going to crash. "Right now, we just want to document everything that we can". "She's a very confident person".

They not only praised her technical skills but her professionalism as well.

Passenger Alfred Tumlinson told WPVI: "She has nerves of steel".

'So I had clicked my seat belt back on and I was going to get something out of my bag.

When you eliminate 50 percent of the population, or close to it, from your pool - whether it is a pool of would-be pilots or engineers - or when 50 percent of the population, or close to it, believe they won't have a fair chance or won't be welcome, you don't get a better pool of applicants.

He also tweeted a photo of the crew.

A customer service number is provided in the email with instructions for callers to identify themselves as passengers on Southwest Flight 1380. Riordan died while suffering an injury after the engine failure shattered a cabin window, partially sucking her out of the plane before fellow passengers pulled her back in.

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